Extend your sales efforts through Friends, Colleagues and Clients

Get rewarded for sending and receiving sales leads with your trusted colleagues across ANY industry at ANY time.

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Increasing Your ROI is in our Wheelhouse

How It Works

  • Trusted referral sources send your company leads whenever an opportunity arises.
  • You receive these leads through LeadSheets.net and have the option to reward that referral source based on your own discretion.
  • Rewards can be sent back to trusted referral sources when a lead is received, when the deal closes, or both.

LeadSheets.net works with trusted referral sources — those who have an established relationship with your company and fully understand your products and services.  It's like extending your sales efforts through Friends, Colleagues and Clients.  

The more a trusted referral source is rewarded, the more you can count on them to send you great, profitable leads.

Are you interested in boosting your "Social Selling" awarness?  Lead Sharing is the next facet of Social Selling.  LeadSheets.net's mission is to pioneer the science of Lead Share.  Are you interested in being a part of this new horizon?

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